John Randal Cranor

12-15-1953 — 02-11-2014

John passed away just before he completed the final editing of Stealing Home. We are publishing his last book in his memory. We truly hope that you enjoy reading Stealing Home as much as he enjoyed writing it.

-Donna Cranor (wife)

-Lisa Cranor Lofland (sister)

Stealing Home (Small)John’s new novel, Stealing Home, is now available on Amazon.

Angus E. Lee only wants to run his one-man, small town law office.

Until he crosses paths with The Sandman, a hit man who is being paid to kill valuable show horses.

And a psycho decides to kill Angus.

Stealing Home will grab you with the first sentence and doesn’t let go until the finale.


Publishing Stealing Home was made a reality by:

Flannery Winchester-Keck

Joanne Shwed,
Backspace Ink

Sabrina Ricci

Thank you ladies for making our dream come true,

Donna Cranor and Lisa Lofland


10/31/2013: Received Cover. I love it and can’t wait to reveal it. Soon, I promise. I have started work on the next book in the series. One whole page complete!

10/11/2013: The first draft of Stealing Home is finished. Now I need to read and edit and  write synopsis. Then it will be off to the Cover Artist and the Editor.

10/08/2013:  Writing is nearing completion on Stealing Home, John’s novel in progress. Publication is slated for early January.


Early's Gold Final (96dpi - for web)John’s debut novel, Early’s Gold, is now available exclusively on Amazon Kindle.

Frank Early left his son J.T. a fortune in buried gold coins.

J.T. only needs to find the gold and dig it up. But a stalker begins terrorizing J.T. and his family. He discovers an ex-con from the Aryan Brotherhood has a claim on the gold too and intends on taking it.

With little help from the authorities, J.T. and family must fight to save themselves, the gold, and stop the monster who has declared war on them. Can J.T. keep his wife and daughter alive long enough to enjoy the gold?


Writing About Crimes that Kill and Horses that Thrill